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Wine Saver Pump & Two Stoppers

Wine Saver Pump & Two Stoppers

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 I enjoy a glass of wine, however these days it is just a glass and I return the bottle, albeit with a stopper, to the fridge or larder - larder mostly at the moment as it's too chilly for white wine! This is OK for a couple of days, but once the wine is exposed to the air the flavour does begin to taint and turn to vinegar.

But no more! I have invested in a lovely little gadget that removes the air from the opened bottle and creates a vacuum which slows the oxidation process. Consequently, open wine can be stored for much longer - actually, up to 10 days(!), although it doesn't usually take me quite that long to finish a bottle.

I love this idea, because not only does it save waste - a good wine is far too expensive to pour-away - but it means that you can open a different bottle if the mood takes you (or menu dictates), without feeling guilty that you should have finished the open one!

The pump and stoppers come boxed and are in plan black - this also makes a great gift for a fellow oenophiles!

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