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Waks - Scented Candle In Clay Pot - Purple - Hyacinth

Waks - Scented Candle In Clay Pot - Purple - Hyacinth

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At the store I was thrilled to receive a brand new collection of scented candles hailing all the way from Greece! We met the owner (a charismatic, charming, Herculean gentleman!) in Frankfurt and were seduced by his stunning collection of scents, housed in traditional, handmade, white clay pots. Each pot bears a slash of colour around the rim denoting the scent they contain. He was telling us that some Department Stores around the world don't understand that these pots are made on Crete and left to dry outside in the sunshine in the time-honoured fashion. This year they had a wet spring and the clay wouldn't dry so all of the deliveries were late! I love real, artisanal product that bears the touch of the human hand, so this would not bother me in the slightest. I adore Greece and have spent many, many happy summers on Crete with our friends Emma and Jo, who worked there, so I am pleased to bring some of the scents of this wonderful island home to London! I shall not be able to visit Greece this year and so will enjoy the fact that a little bit of it has come to me!

The scents are delicious and include three fantastic figs; Fig Leaf (Black), Fig Guajag (Lilac) and Wild Fig (Green) a hypnotic Hyacinth (Purple), two bright,  energising citrus fragrances; Citron (Yellow) and Orange Grove (Red), a classic Jasmine (White) plus my current amour, Seasalt (Indigo) which smells like the beaches of the Islands and transports me to sunny tavernas by the sea, eating Greek salad with a glass of retsina - heaven!

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