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The Rose Regime

The ravages of winter can be just as punishing on skin as the summer sun. Following these few simple steps, using our exclusive rose products, will see you through the harsh months into spring with a complexion that is youthful, radiant and blooming.
Blustering winds and centrally heated environments are drying, as is soap which contains sodium, start your day by showering with Mrs White’s Rose Arbour Hand & Body Wash. This gentle alternative to harsher soap contains rose absolute, famed for its restorative and reparative qualities, and collagen-rich jojoba. Moisturise with Mrs White’s Rose Arbour Hand & Body Lotion, rich in nourishing macadamia nut, and rosehip oil; which is proven to help arrest signs of aging and weather damage. Protect your face with Mrs White’s Classic Day Cream, packed with antioxidant rose, English lavender and a little enlivening vodka and peppermint. Pamper particularly problem areas with our intense Mrs White’s Rose Youth Serum, rich with rosehip oil and rose absolute, by smoothing into lines around the eyes and lips and onto elbows and knees. Treat hands, nails and cuticles with Mrs White’s How Handy, which protects by sealing in moisture with British beeswax and rejuvenates with our favourite remedy, rose absolute. At the end of the day remove make up with Mrs White’s Classic Cold Cream, especially formulated with organic cider vinegar to render it the same PH as your skin for easy and quick absorption.  Reapply Mrs White’s Classic Cold Cream as a moisturising mask and relax in a bath of Mrs White’s Rose Arbour Old Soak.
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