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St Giles

St Giles - The Mechanic (EdP)

St Giles - The Mechanic (EdP)

St Giles - The Mechanic (EdP)

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Celebrating the Physical

This is the sex scent! The smells associated with the mechanic’s pit - oil and rubber, fuel, hot skin – convey the purity of doing something physical and how empowering it feels. The Mechanic is animalic, hirsute and it growls!

Fragrance Notes

Earthy geranium and patchouli open, conjuring the urban jungle, and then castoreum hits leather, caramel smooth, rich and dusky, the hide of an ancient beast, mighty, vigorous and potent. There is something of the Grimm’s fairytale to this fragrance something, dark, smoky, brooding yet sensual, ready to overwhelm. The base of hot rubber, musk, oakmoss and a balsamic, cracked styrax is beautifully balanced and so it never does but the possibility remains and this is the ideal choice for those that like to walk on the wild side. Magnetic, muscular, untamed and very, VERY desirable!

Fragrance House

I have worked in the fragrance industry for almost all of my career. It is my passion, and I care deeply about all of the brands that we stock at Roullier White - it is the talent of these wonderful perfumers that has taught me so much and given me so much joy. However I recently realised that the most important question is almost never addressed by the perfume houses and that is:

‘How does a fragrance make you feel?’

This is what we all really want to know. Perfume is not a long shopping-list of ingredients nor an ephemeral title hinting at desirability. We are all multi-faceted personalities and need an olfactory wardrobe that is multi-functional and fulfils the needs of our daily lives - a scent to make us feel empowered and successful or inspired, glamorous or stylish.

And so the seed of the 'St Giles' collection was born and I have spent the last three years creating 5 scents with the help of my friend and the master of innovative luxury fragrance, Bertrand Duchaufour. The collection is designed to stimulate and amplify the different aspects of our character and celebrate the elements that make us who we are, combining the reality and fantasy of our nature.

This has been a labour of love, born from over 20 years of experience, learning not only from the greatest ‘noses’ on the planet but from our customers how to communicate the power of fragrance to affect the way that we feel.

So thank you - I hope that you love them and find a part of yourselves in each!
Michael Donovan - Roullier White

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Samuel Johnson - London

Bold and masculine!

I love this fragrance! It’s bold and masculine but there’s something quite laid back and easy going. The projection and longevity is really great too with only a couple of sprays.

Recommended 100%