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Sheep Garlic Pot White

Sheep Garlic Pot White

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I rounded the corner of my favourite exhibition and discovered this collection of ceramic Cumberland Sheep staring back at me. They have made me smile from that moment to this and when I discovered that the company motto is 'created to make you smile' I decided that it was kismet and they belonged at Roullier White. I was not mistaken, parents lift their children up to look at them in the window and the garlic pots disappear from the shelves so quickly is is difficult to keep up. A delightfully eccentric British collection of Herb Planters, Egg Cups, Condiment Sets and Garlic Pots in the shape of these slightly comic creatures guaranteed to keep you smiling!

Sized to fit minimum 3 standard garlic bulbs. Hand cast and hand decorated. Supplied boxed. Hand wash only.
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