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Scented Draw Liners - 5 Sheets - Green Willow - Lavander & Neem Oil Scent

Scented Draw Liners - 5 Sheets - Green Willow - Lavander & Neem Oil Scent

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Having scented liners in sock and underwear drawers I believe to be a necessity, as they bring joy every morning when getting dressed! In one's sweater drawers, use Neem to deter moths and lavender to make the wool deliciously scented. My greatest weakness is for sandalwood and
our sock drawers smell glorious!

Our new liners are absolutely gorgeous  - mostly in William Morris prints (I have become a fervent devotee of late) and keep everything nice and clean as well as making the drawers and their contents smell divine!

We have a black William Morris print, impregnated with sandalwood, a duck egg William Morris print scent with English roses and then a lovely leafy, willow pattern in blue, scented with fresh, zingy, neroli and bergamot, or in green which is our moth-deterring combination of lavender with neem oil.

Each giftbox contains 5, rolled, scented liners. The repeat patterns make them easy to overlay in larger drawers or on shelves, and the scents are allergen-free and designed to last.

There is nothing as unnecessary as a musty drawer, and I am on a one man, olfactory mission to ensure that every drawer in Britain smells sensational!

60 x 42cm

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