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Recycled Glass Balloon Vase - 23cm - Green

Recycled Glass Balloon Vase - 23cm - Green

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We are delighted to be expanding our recycled-glass selection with a new range of wine glasses and vases from Spain.
Balloon Vase - slightly larger and curvaceous this vase is a work of art in itself and looks beautiful with or without flowers. Colours again are intense in aqua, turquoise, green and a very chic petrol blue.


At Roullier White we are committed to sourcing environmentally responsible products. 100% recycled glass melts at a lower temperature and therefore a huge amount of energy is saved, residues going to landfill are dramatically reduced and extractions of sand and raw materials are minimised.

The saved energy from recycling just 3 bottles is enough to:

Charge a Smartphone Battery for a Year!

Power 3 Cycles of a Washing Machine!

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