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Paul Schutze

As an artist Paul Sch├╝tze is one of the few to work in the medium of scent. Captivated by the notion of capturing the ephemeral, his collection of three scents are olfactory snapshots of three fleeting moments, three otherwise lost memories. ‘Tears of Eros’ recalls an evening in the artist’s studio; incense from Japan, a discarded clementine skin and a just-blooming potted hyacinth. ‘Cirebon’ remembers a mystical night in Java with vetiver Java, lemongrass, tamarind, bigarade and cedar. ’Behind the Rain’ reimagines a fir-lined Cycladean beach after a storm; resin, sap, wet bark, moss and lichen. Perfumer Paul Sch├╝tze eschews the traditional perfume making pyramid in favour of a layered artwork, a gently building story, we are thrilled Paul Sch├╝tze has asked us to share his stories at Roullier White.
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