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Parfums d'Orsay Paris

Count Gabriel Alfred Guillaume d’Orsay was born in 1801. Son of a Baroness and one of Napoleon’s generals, his upbringing was one of luxury and leisure in a world of refinement, where wit, intellect, and beauty were held above all else. Le Comte d'Orsay's provocative style marked him out as a dandy and trendsetter. Lord Byron, Gustave Doré, Berlioz, Alfred de Vigny and Lamartine, amongst many others, all fell under his beguiling spell. As a multi-talented artist, sculptor and ‘alchemist of luxury’, perfume was a logical progression for the Count, and he made his first fragrance in 1830. Right up until his death in 1852, Count D’Orsay continued formulating fragrances, many of which are preserved to this day. After his death, his family decided to preserve his precious olfactory heritage and the Compagnie Française des Parfums d’Orsay was created. Roullier White is delighted and thrilled to be a part of the on-going legacy of Parfums d'Orsay.

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