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Mr White's

This collection has been put together in the name of our late founder, Lawrence Roullier White, who was the kindest and most generous person that we have ever known. He created the Mrs White's collection of 100% natural products in an effort to reduce chemical toxins in the home.

The title 'Give A Fig' is, of course, a play on words, referring  both to the magnificent, green-fig fragrance that unifies the range, and the phrase 'don't give a fig' meaning 'don't care'. The origins of this phrase are hazy, but appear to point to an obscene, dismissive hand gesture known as the 'Fig of Spain' which dates back to the 1500's! 
For our range we turn the meaning on its head, because Lawrence 'cared' deeply (ie did 'give a fig') and we wish to unite with others that care, so a percentage of the profits from every sale will go to help homeless charities across the UK. This is, sadly, rather timely, as the current financial crisis is swelling their ranks.  

So thank you for giving a fig!

We hope that you enjoy the products and the fact that you have helped others in the process.

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