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Large Peruvian Wall Plate - Colca

Large Peruvian Wall Plate - Colca

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I seems to have developed a bit of a thing for Peru at the moment! This has crept up on me as, although I have been to Chile, I have never visited however, once the world is safe again, it has shot to the top of my 'to do' list. Not only have I recently acquired the giant, black clay vases cooked in the ground from Lima, but this week invested in two large Peruvian wall plates named after Nazca (geoglyphs etched into the stony desert surface) and Colca one of the world's deepest and most beautiful canyons). To me they are the perfect fusion of indigenous art and contemporary style. The colours are magnificent and the size impressive. Of course you don't have to use them on the wall, they will look gorgeous on a coffee table or kitchen island etc however they are incredibly contemporary when wall-mounted and think I shall grab one for the kitchen!

6 x 41 cm


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