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La Maison Hédonique

Scouring the globe for original, exciting scents is not the toughest job in the world(!) and every once in a while I experience a moment for which all true perfume believers hope and pray - the discovery of a brand new talent in the fragrance firmament!

Lucy Atkinson arrived at the Perfumery just before Christmas and blew me away. Her passion, her fervour, her joy when describing her scents meant that I had found a kindred spirit, a sister in scent with whom I could pontificate for hours and I know that we will!

The first thing that alerted me to greatness were the caps of her bottles. Many will know of my aversion to cheap caps, the first contact that you have with a scent is important and Lucy has covered hers with high quality velvet ribbon. This is genius as it feel both luxurious, warm and soft like skin, the perfect introduction to a perfume. As with all great ideas why has nobody done this before?

And then there are the scents themselves! Lucy is half French and obviously it's the right half as these are perfumes of great style and poise.

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