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Juliette Has A Gun

Juliette Has A Gun - Not A Perfume (EdP)

Juliette Has A Gun - Not A Perfume  (EdP)

Juliette Has A Gun - Not A Perfume (EdP)

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Not A Perfume from Juliette Has A Gun is not a perfume in the classic sense, as it is composed of only a single note: Ambroxan. This gives it a special quality because it enhances the wearer’s natural smell so it is different for every person. As a single note it is hard to place, as it seems to oscillate; evoking velvet, cream, warmth and musk, Ambroxan has been described as smelling like skin. It also smells different on each skin. Ambroxan was originally produced to replace ambergris in perfume, and although it smells nothing like the natural compound the organic chemical replacement is used widely in perfumery as a base note. Ambroxan is extremely expensive to produce and is used only sparingly by perfumers. Romano Ricci has used Ambroxan extensively in his Juliette Has A Gun fragrances: heavily in Lady Vengeance and more discretely in Calamity J and Miss Charming. Because its composition is strictly molecular with no natural presence, Not A Perfume has the advantage of having no allergens, thus respecting even the most sensitive skins. One of our most popular fragrances here at Roullier White. 

Fragrance Notes

Top: Ambroxan

Middle: Ambroxan

Base: Ambroxan

Fragrance House
Juliette Has A Gun is the brainchild of Romano Ricci, great grandson of the great Nina Ricci. Juliette has A Gun continues to cut a swathe through perfume cognoscenti worldwide with its stunning release. Juliette Has A Gun perfumes are created by the legendary Francis Kurkdjian, a nose at the peak of his powers who has designed fragrances for Narcisso Rodriguez, Aqua di Parma, Dior and Armani – clearly one of the greats, hailed by some as a successor to the ineffable Roudnitska. Juliette Has A Gun takes Juliet Capulet, Shakespeare’s tragic heroine, as its inspiration, imagining her in a feistier 21st century incarnation, this time armed and taking no prisoners and certainly no advice from poisoners. Roullier White are excited to stock this dynamic and exciting brand. 

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