Blanche Arvoy created the house of Jovoy in Paris in 1923. Jovoy is a contraction of ‘Joe’, her nickname, and ‘Voy’ from her husband’s name (Esteban Arvoy). By the 1930s Jovoy became famous for selling exquisite perfumes for ‘gentlemen’s nieces’ as they were known; the young mistresses of the flamboyant Parisian dandies. The opulent fragrances had equally evocative names; Gardez-moi and L’Ardente de Nuit. The fragrances were presented in beautiful crystal flaçons by Bacarrat and Lalique. Blanche Arvoy launched another perfume house in the 1930s, but with her death in the 1960’s both companies became dormant. In 2006 François Hénin decided to revive the brand. François Hénin chose not to remake fragrances from the archive but instead work with some of the best current noses to create a contemporary collection that was in the visionary vein of the brand’s original great creator but drawing on personal experiences and memories. François Hénin’s Jovoy collection sits in weighty, substantial glass bottles, all beautifully presented in cardboard drawer boxes, which are too elegant to be thrown away and might be used to store some treasured memories of your own. Roullier White is delighted to have been invited to carry the Jovoy collection of eau de parfum in the United Kingdom.