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Imaginary Authors

Imaginary Authors - A City on Fire (EdP) 50ml

Imaginary Authors - A City on Fire (EdP) 50ml

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A spicy, smoky composition, A City On Fire from Imaginary Authors is a striking composition that stands out from the crowd. With an array of unusual and compelling notes, A City On Fire manages to be at once refined and sophisticated whilst simultaneously passionate, carnal, and mysterious.  A scent with excellent projection and a long life, A City On Fire is perfect for a winter’s evening event or crisp autumnal days. 

Here’s how Imaginary Authors describe the story behind A City On Fire:
A brilliantly dark graphic novel, A City On Fire, is the story of two match-makers. Rupert literally fabricates matches in a factory on the waterfront while Frances writes a dating column for the city's newspaper. Both are recluses who haunt the night's shadows observing clandestine activities from afar but never partaking. That changes on fortuitous evening when they are both witness to the same high-profile murder and are forced to come together as an unlikely vigilante pair in order to save their own names.

Imaginary Authors developed this fragrance for Machus, a modern menswear retailer focused on forward thinking concepts in Portland's Lower East Burnside neighbourhood. However, A City on Fire is now exclusively available in the UK here at Roullier White. 
Fragrance Notes

TopCade Oil, Spikenard, Cardamom

MiddleClearwood, Dark Berries

Base: Labdanum, Burnt Match
Fragrance House
Imaginary Authors are a young, hip fragrance house with bold ambitions and big ideas. Based in Portland, one of America’s most dynamic and artistically stimulating cities of the 21st century, their range of fragrances are inspired by storytelling and the power of narrative. Contemporary, intriguing, and utterly intoxicating, Imaginary Authors promise to whisk your senses away to a new olfactory landscape. Each fragrance is based on an imagined literary work, pairing scents with stories in a hitherto unseen manner. The fragrances of Imaginary Authors are available exclusively from Roullier White in the UK.
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