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Harriet Caslin Porcelain - Knotted Small Bowl - Choice Of 3 Colours

Harriet Caslin Porcelain - Knotted Small Bowl - Choice Of 3 Colours

Harriet Caslin Porcelain - Knotted Small Bowl - Choice Of 3 Colours

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We discovered accomplished British ceramicist Harriet Caslin last summer and, like all great design, I have not been able to get her collection out of my head!

A genius combination of the original yet familiar there is more than a touch of Art Deco in her work, however they have a contemporary simplicity and clean architectural lines. The colours are pastel ( rose, powder blue and egg yolk) and discreet which make them extremely sophisticated. I have chosen tea-pots and cups, an iconic jug and my favourite bowls of the year - and we all know how I do like my bowls! Every piece is handmade and dishwasher safe. Future heirlooms!

Lathed Tea Cup - These are perfection and I feel incredibly stylish when drinking from them. Large enough for a decent sized cuppa and timeless in form with its smooth  rippled bands.

Lathed Tea-Pot  - A sculptural thing of beauty, this is utility as art and holds a generous 1.5 litres of tea. Again the linear design raises this Tea-Pot to iconic status.

Lathed Large Jug - I went nuts for this piece and it is currently nestling on my kitchen dresser in the sunny egg yolk colour bringing me pleasure every morning . It is a statement size and impossibly handsome - I use mine for flowers however it will obviously work as a water jug or for gravy or milk if preferred. The proportions and spout are glorious to behold and I can think of no other jug to compete.

Knotted Bowls - Architectural in form, the incredibly complex, layered, linear form is echoed on the inside. These bowls have a distinctly Bauhaus influence and will look stunning in a contemporary setting. Available in two sizes - the small bowl is ideal for cereal, ice cream,puddings etc and the extra large makes a great fruit, salad or pasta bowl

All items are dishwasher safe but care is advised when handling this handmade item

Material: Porcelain

Dimensions: 9 cm (height) x 16cm (diameter)

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