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Gri Gri Parfums

Gri Gri Parfums - Moko Maori (EdP) 100ml

Gri Gri Parfums - Moko Maori (EdP) 100ml

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Gri Gri Parfums - Moko Maori 
Gri Gri Moko Maori opens with a burst of bright grass redolent of the New Zealand trussocks and the fierce fronds that decorate the face of the indigenous people, Moko Maori also includes a note of sweet flax at the top. Flax was one of the most important commodities for the Maori, used for everything from medicine, fishing nets to the weft weaving of the ceremonial feather cloak the kahu huruhur. At the middle manuka - tea-tree - bright green fern and kowhai add to the the forest, fougére nature of this fine fragrance. Mossy notes of lichen and woody kanuka at the base round off this epic and ingenious scent.

The Nose: Anaïs Biguine.


Top: Grass, Flax

Middle: Fern, Manuka, Kowhai

Base: Lichen, Kanuka

Skin adornment occurs across cultures and across millennia, permanent dermal decorations confirming belonging and longing, love and loss; audacious displays of unity, strength and courage. 

GRI GRI, the new collection by French nose Anaïs Biguine, takes these marks, these cultural identifiers, as the inspiration for a stunning new collection of three fragrances. Not only are the intricacies of the designs referenced but also the indigenous botanicals that themselves often influence the art.  

The resulting scents are fresh and new, unbelievably wearable and a joyous celebration of human creativity.

Without exception GRI GRI are the type of fragrances that will have you finding yourself holding your wrist up against your nose; the truest testament of a good scent.
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