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Egg Coddler

Egg Coddler

Egg Coddler

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A young Swede named Jois lost his mother a couple of years ago to cancer and discovered a strange-looking ceramic vessel when he was clearing her apartment. It was stamped 'Royal Worcester', was covered in pictures of wild strawberries and came with a metal lid. He had no idea what it was however thought it pretty and it obviously held immense sentimental value so he kept it as an ornament. It wasn't until a friend (who is professional chef) was visiting that he discovered that what his mother had left him was an English egg coddler! I had entirely forgotten about coddlers - my Grandmother had them and I remember being thrilled with the results as a child, however over the decades they have sadly fallen out of fashion. Used on the breakfast trays of the landed gentry in the late 19th century, coddlers were extremely popular right across Europe - the last Tsar even had a set.

The idea is that a coddler makes an egg into more of a meal than simply boiling or poaching it. You butter the inside of the coddler (for flavour) then add some cheese, ham, chives, smoked salmon, spices - anything you fancy really - then crack an egg into it. Add some more delicacies on top, snap on the lid and sit in a bain marie for about 6-8 minutes (depending on how you like your eggs). Remove from the water, lift the lid and one has something so much more exciting than a simple boiled egg. 

Jois has re-invented the Egg Coddler in a modern Skandi style as a tribute to his mother (one of the designs is even named after her) and I think he is a genius. It is the perfect time to revive this design classic as it works so well in the 21st century. He has a traditional size with matt pastel lids and then a giant example that holds 2-3 eggs which is more suitable for luncheon. I have been experimenting with mine and am utterly hooked - I have used feta and basil, champagne and sun-dried tomatoes, humous and broccoli and even pickles but with this design the sky really is the limit, or rather the imagination. I will never look at the humble egg in quite the same way and my advice is - get coddling! We have placed some of Jois's recipes on our website to help everyone get started however once you have tried it a couple of times the possibilities become clear and that is all part of the fun. It even works well with fruit and chocolate!

Porcelain / silicon


Total Ø 55 mm, top Ø 40 mm, height 95 mm, volume 125 ml, weight 133 g

Dishwasher and microwave safe

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