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Douglas Kershaw Wood

Recently I met a lovely gentleman called Douglas who lives in Devon and is a potter/woodturner. He showed me a collection of wooden bowls that he has created by hand from a diverse selection of reclaimed wood; from fallen pear trees in his garden to the more exotic 'Bloodwood' from South America, and including Lime, Mahogany, Walnut, Irko & Spalted Beech.

The amount of love and care that goes into each piece is amazing and I had to have them. Douglas draws out the inner beauty of each wood with sympathetic shapes and details that highlight the seductive grace of the grain and each one is completely unique. They have a myriad of uses, from olives & nibbles to fruit or nuts and even for keys by the front door! 
Once held, they elicit a rather emotional response and I have already 'bonded' with several myself, so you have been warned!

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