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Brushed Black Mango Wood - Rectangular Board

Brushed Black Mango Wood - Rectangular Board

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The pandemic has broken many of the supply chains in our business, however on the odd occasion this has had a silver lining! Take our new blackened mango wood chopping boards - I have the circular one at home and love it, so wanted to re-order. Sadly they are not available, so I asked to see a rectangular version and think it's great and much easier to store in a smaller kitchen. The shape is crisp and graphic and it will make a lovely cheeseboard too and, in an emergency, a table tennis bat! A word to the wise, if like me you are a visual perfectionist, use one side for chopping and keep the other pristine for serving and display. If space is no object we also have a HUUUUUUGE version which is gorgeous and would probably feed the Waltons!

Small: 38 x 20,5 x 1,5 cm

Extra Large : 83 x 40 x 1,5 cm

Hand wash only with mild soap

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