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The tradition of tea drinking dates back almost two thousand years, originally consumed for its medicinal qualities the infusion was also valued for it meditative, contemplative, curative and restorative properties. From the genius perfumer who brought the world Boadicea the Victorious and Illuminum, Michael Boadi launches Bohdidharma exclusively online at Roullier White. Inspired by the mystical and restorative powers of ancient Buddhist tea ceremonies, Bohdidharma takes its name from the monk who, centuries ago, harnessed the stimulating effects of the plant in order to remain in a wakeful state of meditation for nine full years. Fragrances with a striking visual flair and unique olfactory character, the collection takes in precious notes of the finest quality Eastern tea plants and flowers. From Japanese yuzu to fine Chinese lotus blossom, Bodhidharma is bound to beguile and entice you with its elegant, contemporary compositions. For the first time renowned British perfumer Michael Boadi takes the unique experience of taking tea and turns it into an olfactory sensation. Stunning scents, using the finest possible fair-traded ingredients from the world’s most esteemed producers, are lovingly and carefully blended in London; allowing you to enjoy the beauty of this ancient art in a thoroughly modern manner.

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