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Benamôr - Purifying Hand Cream - Alecrim

Benamôr - Purifying Hand Cream - Alecrim

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The Benamôr apothecary was founded in 1925 in Lisbon and uses many natural ingredients to make exceptionally efficacious beauty recipes. Their hand creams are the stuff of legend; one application and the skin feels kitten-soft even in these cold temperatures and best of all they are not greasy - the cream will soak into the epidermis in a matter of seconds! You only need a tiny squeeze so they last for ages. 

I love the beautiful, original, Art Deco packaging and have selected the smaller size which is perfect for the pocket or bag. The Rosemary hand cream has finally arrived. I was given this to try before it went into production and became obsessed, both with the smell and the efficacy. While I need hand cream as I have very dry skin, I hate anything greasy - I want it to be absorbed in less than two minutes as I am busy and do not appreciate finger-marks on my clothes or surfaces. This is genius as the dark, bitter-green scent is so uplifting and let's not forget that the scent of rosemary improves memory-recall by 20% ! Frankly I need as much as I can muster  as one of the results of lockdown I have found, is a definite impact on my concentration levels - only this morning I climbed 3 flights of stairs only to have entirely forget why!

30ml Tube

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