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Belgian Glass Vase - Round - Ink Blue

Belgian Glass Vase - Round - Ink Blue

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I have been literally, salivating over these Art Glass vases from Belgium since February. They were my favourite discovery at the show in Frankfurt (how long ago that all seems now!) and I took dozens of pictures to ensure that I picked just the right shapes and colours. I am over the moon with the selection - two curvaceous designs in teal, inky blue, amber and olive. The first is a taller, tapering design, its partner almost spherical and they look magnificent either together or alone. This is a hugely sophisticated product and an investment certainly, however the weight and sheer quality of the pieces shine through and will illuminate a room. I have snapped up the golden amber for my dining table and do not think that I will be able to resist the dark blue sphere - frankly I want them all! Because I found them sans foliage I think of them as glass sculpture that will look equally fine when not in use however imagine peonies in the olive vase (which is so subtle a hue that it is almost grey) or sunflowers in the amber - absolutely stunning! The real surprise with this collection is that it is made entirely from recycled glass!!  I was absolutely amazed as you do not usually get the clarity and quality and had to ask the maker to confirm in writing before I would believe him! 

H 15cm/D 16cm

Hand Wash

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