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Authentic Spanish Terracotta - Wine Cooler

Authentic Spanish Terracotta - Wine Cooler

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New arrivals this week include authentic Spanish terracotta! We have just taken delivery of a collection that reminds me of holidaying with my parents in Grenada and my mother getting incredibly excited by all the outdoor terracotta stores that seemed to line the main roads. I have chosen a few key pieces that are both beautiful and practical including the best designed Olive Dish - I am slightly self conscious when eating olives in front of guests as I hate the sight of the pits on the table. This is the perfect design with compartments for olives, a discreet one for the stones and one for cocktail sticks - and it is only £5

Our large Paella Dish can be used in the oven, on the hob or on a BBQ . I am using mine to display vegetables and fruit when not in use and it oozes rustic charm! Again the price is amazing at £15 for a 32 diameter dish!

The Tagine is a compact 27cm diameter and will feed 4 people comfortably. A Tagine is a wonderfully versatile dish as it will accommodate omnivores, vegetarians and vegans and is suitably showy for a dinner party! And finally, the 'Wine Cooler' is a simple shape and can double up as a vase or utensil holder so it will earn its keep!

A practical piece at a very modest £9!

Remember to treat terracotta with respect - it will chip if one is too rough however with TLC it will last for years.

Ø 13cm
H 21.5cm
Microwave & Dishwasher Safe 

*Wine Not Included

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