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And Fragrance

And Fragrance - Mad (EdP) 50ml

And Fragrance - Mad (EdP) 50ml

And Fragrance - Mad (EdP) 50ml

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'Mad' - in this case, short for Madagascar! Cheap, man-made vanilla smells sickly sweet - like mass-market, white chocolate bars and, frankly, has given vanilla fragrances a bad name. The real deal smells warm, dreamy, soft and sensuous. The vanilla flower is orchid-like and does look like the pods smell (although it actually has no scent of its own). 

Here it is supported by some other indigenous notes, including ylang oil, cloves, vetiver and jasmine - but it is the bean that shines. Madagascar is suffering from deforestation and this fragrance will help threatened communities on the island to  build a more stable and secure future.

Fragrance House

A socially, ethically and ecologically astute label, that works with indigenous peoples to ensure that the plants are farmed responsibly and the environment protected, thus promoting social, economic and ecological resilience.
There are eight fragrances in the collection and each is centred around a strong, single heart-note. When a scent is a diva, and exceptional in every way, it is a mistake to surround her with a choir. She needs to be given room to perform.
These fragrances shine a spotlight on quality, the very best vanilla note, the finest cedarwood and most seductive sandalwood etc. This is perfume as it should be - not olfactory cacophony, but a streamlined, symphony of scent.

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