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And Fragrance

And Fragrance - Bean (EdP) 50ml

And Fragrance - Bean (EdP) 50ml

And Fragrance - Bean (EdP) 50ml

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'Bean' stars the Tonka - often incorrectly referred to as 'poor man's vanilla'! Nothing could be further from the truth. Its warm, rich aroma is probably the most comforting in the olfactory panoply - it is deemed to smell like breast milk, and so deeply embedded in the human subconscious. Here it is supported by ethically sourced Brazilian orange oil, lavender, neroli and fennel. If this fragrance had an edible counterpart it would be a really, thick rice pudding - it wraps you up in a warm, comforting embrace and makes you feel good!

Tonka comes from the Amazon Rain Forests which, as we know, are also in danger. The land rights of the indigenous tribes have been cruelly trampled upon in pursuit of quick money from palm oil etc. However 'And Fragrance' works very closely with the Kayapo peoples of The Amazon, who have faced a life of persecution and oppression , and they now care for the trees and harvest the beans. So the bottom line is, the more we use the longer the forest remains standing! It's a win, win!

Fragrance House

A socially, ethically and ecologically astute label, that works with indigenous peoples to ensure that the plants are farmed responsibly and the environment protected, thus promoting social, economic and ecological resilience.

There are eight fragrances in the collection and each is centred around a strong, single heart-note. When a scent is a diva, and exceptional in every way, it is a mistake to surround her with a choir. She needs to be given room to perform.

These fragrances shine a spotlight on quality, the very best vanilla note, the finest cedarwood and most seductive sandalwood etc. This is perfume as it should be - not olfactory cacophony, but a streamlined, symphony of scent.

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