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Alpaca Hot Water Bottle - Petite - Various Colour Available

Alpaca Hot Water Bottle - Petite - Various Colour Available

Alpaca Hot Water Bottle - Petite - Various Colour Available

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I love to learn and adore luxury, so this collection is a winning combination! I also love Hot Water Bottles as I believe them to be the most practical, economical and effective way of keeping warm.

The thing that makes this the only Hot Water Bottle with which you should share your bed, is that alpaca hairs are hollow, and therefore once the air within them is warm, they retain the heat - thus an alpaca hot water bottle will stay warm all night and continue to caress your toes - or any other body part -  when you awake in the morning!

The pocket size - and this is just SO cute and useful. Place in the central pocket of a sweatshirt when out for a walk as it is now quite chilly at night and first thing. If you are gardening - and at the moment that is most of us as our gardens are a mess after the storms! - these are so lovely too.

Dusty-May actually insisted that we stock this size for another reason and I shall leave it to her to explain: "My first thought was that this is perfect companion if you have a tummy upset or cramps - I love a Hot Water Bottle for the latter, but they are not exactly discreet! This little furry friend is about the size of two hands so can be secreted in pockets or beneath clothing which is perfect! "

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