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When Winemaker Meets Master Perfumer!
New 100% Natural Fragrance House ‘Abel’

A former winemaker, with a penchant for scent and a holistic philosophy, Frances Shoemack was looking for a modern natural perfume and, unable to find one, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Transfixed when she saw a video of Master Perfumer and fellow New Zealander Isaac Sinclair waxing lyrical about the similarities between perfume and wine, Frances knew she’d found her Nose. Their collaborative vision is Abel’s ‘Vita Odor’ (Living Fragrance) collection of five natural Eau de Parfums combining 21st century technology with mother nature’s finest ingredients. We are thrilled to launch this new fragrance house at Roullier White and are particularly taken with the discreet and highly portable 15ml bottle - sometimes its nice to flirt with a fragrance before making a commitment!

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