Taking its name from the French phrase senteurs magnifiques, Sentifique is a Swiss perfumery with a flare for the Avant-garde and a fervent desire to create fascinating, unsurpassed fragrances at the highest level. Established in 2009, the range was kept a closely guarded secret until the first scents were revealed to the public in Autumn 2012. Creative Director Friedmann Ramacher prides himself on designing avant-garde scents for those moments in life that are sensual, glamorous and truly unforgettable. Unwilling to settle with mediocre or bland components, Ramacher sought out rare and luxurious ingredients, including magnolia blossom distillate, and Iris Florentina - of which only 300 grams is made a year. Sentifique's commitment to the 'New Era' of perfume making has also led its team to call upon some of the industry's rising stars and most promising talents. Chosen for their fresh perspective and lateral thinking, these budding perfumers have helped to carve out new paths for the label thus far, leaving fans with plenty more to look forward to in future. Each of the four scents in the collection is an artwork for those who derive pleasure from unique and exclusive fragrances, and Roullier White is proud to present the exceptional Sentifique collection.