Infusion Organique

Infusion Organique is unique within the world of fine fragrances, sourcing ethically produced organic raw materials is a hard enough skill alone, but add to that the formulation of the scents and the sublime design of the packaging, you have an inimitable team. 
Infusion Organique, a two-sister-one-husband team, is making ripples in the perfume world with its highly desirable range of scents. Importantly Infusion Organique produces organic perfume that last, rare with naturals let alone organics, a fact perfume hunters love, at Roullier White Infusion Organique has a coterie of devoted followers and their numbers are growing daily. Each Infusion Organique fragrance in this sensibly priced range is produced in 50ml sprays and handy 11ml roll-ons. Great to pop in a purse or pocket!