Atelier Cologne

Forget everything you knew about colognes, the new range of Cologne Absolue from Atelier Cologne is about to blow it out of the water. Dating back to the 18th century, the original eau de Cologne is a blended base of woody herb notes brought alive with sparkling citrus top notes; made to be amply applied, to invigorate mind and body. Little has changed in over 300 hundred years, until now and the birth of Atelier Cologne. With their team of master perfumers Atelier Cologne founding duo, Sylvie Ganter and Christopher Cervase, have crafted a collection of Colognes for the 21st century. Rare and exotic extracts are blended with fresh citruses in long-lasting, very high concentrates of 15–20%. Atelier Cologne’s Colognes Absolues are created to worn as eau de parfums or extraits, with the exclusivity and longevity this implies, but with the fresh characteristics of Cologne. Each parfum strength Atelier Cologne Cologne Absolue is elegantly boxed and presented in a generous, heavy weight 200 ml flaçon with natural spray atomiser and hand made leather cap.